International Plans

If you have a loved one in prison or jail in the US we can keep you connect no matter where you are in the world.  These plans are for calls from a US Prison or Jail facility to almost any destination in the world. 


$49.50 mo.

The basic plan provides service to land based phones in most popular countries. Countries like Mexico, UK, Europe, Japan, Austrailia and Hong Kong. This is just a partial list.

15 day Guarantee


$99.50 mo.

The premium plan provides service to international mobile phone and to most locations that are not included in the basic plan.

15 day Guarantee


  • One Remote Number

  • 300 Minutes of Talk Time

  • Auto Routing to 3 Different Phone Numbers

  • Programmable Day of Week Routing

  • Live Customer Support and Account Management

One time set up fee-  $19.50


These may be added at any time, if you are interested please discuss with an OCS representative

Family Plans are available, this allows you to add additional remote numbers and share the minute plan.

Additional remote numbers just $6 each per month

Additional minutes are 6.9¢ pm

Prices do not include applicable communication taxes and fees.

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